News Archive

[September 9, 2017] I wrote a paper together with Daniel Koch and Robert Eisinger in which we develop a causal Bayesian model of disease progression mechanisms in CML. So happy that it has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Theoretical Biology. Check it out here. Klick here for a draft version.

[June 28, 2017] The report on the GWP.2016 conference I wrote together with Alexander Christian and Christian Feldbacher-Escamilla has finally been published. Check it out here. A draft can be found here.

[June 16, 2017] I am organizing a workshop on challenges for theories of causation (such as mental or negative causation) together with David Hommen and Gerhard Schurz. It will take place on July 6-7. Click here for details.

[February 8, 2017] I received the Best Ph.D. Thesis Prize from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Duesseldorf. Klick here for details. A reworked version of my thesis has just been published in the Synthese Library book series (Springer). You find it here.

[February 7, 2017] New short paper on causal exclusion has been published in Abstracta – Linguagem, Mente e Ação. Klick here for the final publication or here for a draft version.

[February 4, 2017] The CfP for this year’s SOPhiA graduate conference (September 13-15, Salzburg) is out. We are looking forward to welcome Johannes Brandl, Christian List, Michela Massimi, and Stathis Psillos as this year’s plenary speakers. Click here for more infos about SOPhiA 2017 and the CfP.

[January 11, 2017] My book Causal nets, interventionism, and mechanisms: Philosophical foundations and applications in Synthese Library (Springer) has been published. Check it out here. A draft version is available here.

[December 9, 2016] Our research unit on inductive metaphysics (FOR 2495) has been approved by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The research unit consists of seven subprojects which will start in 2017.

[November 29, 2016] I wrote a report with Alexander Christian and Christian Feldbacher-Escamilla about the GWP.2016 conference in JGPS. It is available as an advance online publication here. You find a draft version here.

[November 16, 2016] My paper together with Gerhard Schurz on modelling mechanistic hierarchies involving causal loops in Philosophy of Science has been published. You can download it here. A draft version of the paper is available here.

[November 15, 2016] I am, together with Peter Broessel and Markus Werning, organizing a celebratory colloquium on the occasion of Gerhard Schurz’ 60th birthday. It will take place on December 1–3 at the University of Duesseldorf. There will be a number of terrific talks. Klick here for details.

[November 1, 2016] My paper on constitutive relevance discovery on the basis of causal search algorithms in Philosophical Studies is now available as an advance online publication. Check it out here. A draft version of the paper can be found here.